Minimal YouTube

This tool is designed to allow you to access the YouTube channels you love in the way that the subscription feed is supposed to work: a reverse chronological order feed of videos without comments, video stats, recommendations or any other distractions. Try the example feed and read the instructions below to get started.


First, find the IDs of the YouTube channels and playlists you are interested in.

  • For channels, you can do this by going to the main page of the channel and opening up the about section just below the channel name. Then click Share channel and Copy channel ID. Alternatively, tools such as this one will fetch the channel ID from the handle or username.
  • For playlists, simply go to the main page of the playlist which displays the full list of videos, and pull out the value after list= from the URL.

For each ID, type it into the corresponding input box and then click enter (or space bar) to add it to the list. You can always click the cross to the right of the ID to remove it.

Then click Generate Feed and enjoy. At this point you can click Get RSS Feed if you prefer to watch videos from an RSS reader, and either way you may now bookmark the page to keep all of your settings saved for next time.


This site is very new, so if you have any feedback then please get in touch.


Running a website like this has ongoing costs. I want to make this freely available to people, but as more people use it the costs of maintenance go up with the need for more powerful servers. If you have found great value in this website and you can support it financially, that would be greatly appreciated.